Monday 11 July 2011

Imperial Artillery

Following on from the Old Glory Landsknecht Pike I have completed some of their Landsknecht Artillery Crew. These are great figures with loads of character and they have the advantage that a lot of them can be used as general command figures as well as gun crews. I combined them with my foundry crewmen and guns to create quite a formidable gun battery!

Landsknecht Gun Battery

The Italian villa is from Hovels Spanish 25mm range. Great buildings that are easy to paint and really help to set the scene for the Italian wars. I am not sure if they are 100% for the period but they certainly give the battlefield a good mediterranean flavour.

Italian Farm
Landsknecht Guns

Cutting stone shot and preparing the powder

 The below 2 pictures are of a couple of the Old Glory figures firing a gun by Redoubt Enterprises. I really like the figure with the linstock.

The Battery
 Slightly off topic (well about 40 years before historically) but I thought you might like to see a few photos of my activities this weekend. I donned my padded jack, kettle helm and breastplate for the annual reenactment of the Battle of Tewkesbury in Gloucestershire. I started reenacting when I was a teenager and this was my 16th year taking part in the battle! As always despite a few bruises and it being extremely hot it was a great weekend. Next for me will be Bosworth in August.


  1. What rules do you use for your Italian Wars ? . Great looking figures .

  2. Thanks Mosstrooper, I had a few people ask me what rules I use. To be honest I don't get to play many games but I like a variant of Warhammer Ancient Battles (when I was younger I was a big warhammer fan and I think I just like the nostalgia).

    Alternatively I also like the kind of rules that are more abstract where individual casualties are not removed and the unit is only taken off the field once destroyed/routed.

    I am yet to find a perfect set, especially for an era as experimental as the Italian Wars

  3. I like the OG artillery crew (and the gunsd from their Italian Wars range, NOT their earlier medieval range which are far too small). Need some Organ guns in your park, though! :-)
    As usual, your brushwork is beautiful!

    I also agree about the Hovels range of Italian/Spanish/Mediterranean buildings, which appear on the header of my own blog. Great models that I really enjoyed painting.

    As far as rules, might I humbly suggest my own Band of Brothers 2nd edition by Piquet (see information at They do require you to "buy in" to the Piquet concepts, but those work especially well in tis era (at least in my not so humble opinion, LOL). I'll be posting a battle report on 3 Late Medieval/Renaissance battles from Historicon to my blog later this month, plus there are many older reports at the site.

    Good gaming!


  4. Peter I agree it could do with a few organ guns, they are on the long list of future purchases. I have just picked up the other TAG Italian wars gun that needs painting at some point.

    I will have a look at your site and blog, even if I dont play a rule set as a whole its always useful to pick up ideas from them