Saturday 4 August 2012

WIP on the Wagon....and a few Landsknechts

Perry Wagon
I have been pretty busy recently so haven't had much time painting but I have been slowly working on one of the Perry Miniatures Wagons, shown above and below. I am working on the horse team at the moment. I then need to base it and make ropes to attach the horses to the Wagon, which I am slightly worried about! It is a really nice piece and I am tempted to have a go at some more of their carts and wagons depending on how this one turns out.
Yesterday the new 1450-1500 Italian figures from the Perrys arrived. They are great figures and when completed I will mix them in with my Assault Group Italians. The issue is that although the Gendarmes, Artillery and Landsknechts in my collection are suitable for around 1515 to 1530 the Italians and Spanish are far more suitable for the beginning of the Italian wars, the wars around 1500, the battles of Cerignola and Garigliano. I think adding these late medieval figures will only add to that divide.
Perry Wagon
I didn't think a couple of the pictures of the wagon were that exciting and I probably won't get a chance to post again this month so below are some pictures of my Landsknechts I took a while ago. These photos contain nearly every Landsknecht in my collection, figures from Wargames Foundry, Artizan, Old Glory, Pro Gloria Miniatures, Games Workshop and even a few converted Perry Miniatures. They are such useful troops as they found their way into most armies of the period at some time or another. My Landsknecht megalomania is not over yet. As a lot of my collection seems to be suitable for around 1500 I would still like to paint up some troops that will be more suitable for earlier Landsknecht, although I am not sure any really exist.
On the other hand I have seen that The Assault Group are working on greens for Henry VIIIs conflicts in the 1540s. From what I have seen so far these look like they will be fantastic but for later in the 16th century than most of my current stuff. I can see this collection quickly splitting into various different armies in the future.


Attacking Pike Block

Attacking Pike Block

Frundsberg and his Dopplesolders

Landsknecht Pike Block

Landsknecht Arquebusiers Skirmishing

Landsknecht Commanders

Pike Block from the rear

Arquebusiers marching

Arquebusiers Skirmishing

Pike Block

Pike Block

Landsknecht Guns

Landsknecht Crossbowmen

Landsknecht Crossbowmen Skirmishing


  1. I think the wagon looks great! This is what has happened with my own collection - I started with Italian Wars era, and it's expanding backwards to Late Medieval and HYW era, Swiss- Burgundian Wars, etc.