Sunday 11 January 2015

Field Guns

Here are the first 5 guns I have based up and completed. They are a mix of late 15th Century early 16th Century style artillery pieces. The crewmen are from a mix of manufacturers and could serve as Spanish, French or Italian gun crews. I am really pleased with the way they turned out. What surprised me is that when I was basing them it really made me think about how the miniatures work as part of a group on the base, something that I never gave that much thought to before except in terms of ranking up the pike blocks. The tufts off wild grass and various barrels, baskets and piles of shot really help to bring them to life.
I think I need to try an infantry block next to see how different they will look on these larger bases before I can decided whether to redo more figures. Positioning the figures on the bases and adding the final details are quite enjoyable parts of the process but the texturing and painting for the whole collection is still an enormous task so I think I will play it by ear and approach it one group of figures at a time.

A larger field gun

The most "modern" of the pieces here
All five pieces arrayed together


  1. Splendid, great job on the bases and beautiful paint work...

  2. Great work, , all the different figures have mixed well together

  3. Great looking units, and superb basing. There is always the tension between spending the time on basing, or using it to paint more troops!

  4. Great work! The basing is excellent too. Love the little extra such as the baskets, cannon balls etc.

  5. Lovely vignettes, wonderfully painted. Thanks for sharing :D