Sunday 31 May 2015

The Remaining Horse.......

After 5 months the rebasing project is finally over. Here are the final rebased troops, my Gendarmes and supporting lighter horse, Stradiots and a small group of crossbowmen. There are a fair few painted troops that haven't been rebased, they've been held back for later projects or I just couldn't find how to fit them in.  A few groups of Landsknechts I have decided I will put on Ebay at some point. Other than these exceptions every unit in the Italian Wars collection has now been rebased. What is useful is that through these posts over the past few months I have been able to catalogue everything in the collection. Prior to this not all the various units had been photographed individually as some were completed before I started the blog.
As you will see from the last couple of photos I have also rebased a few civilians and clergy to accompany the troops. As with the armies I have quite a few civilian extras I haven't rebased yet as I am not sure how I want to use them but I am confident I will get round to them at some point. I am also keen to do some casualty bases as well.
Apologies for the photos, I couldn't get great light for all of them. I think a certain level of weariness is to blame for the photography as well as it feels like I have been rebasing this stuff for ages. I was keen to just get the last groups photographed and posted up so I could then move on to new projects. Since I started this at the end of December some interesting new releases have come out and I am keen to have a go at these. I'd been waiting for the Perry Light Cavalry that I picked up at Salute for years (literally) so I can't wait to have a go at them. I also have some other bits and pieces I have picked up on Ebay over the past few months that I want to make new units out of. The basing break has been good but I am glad to be back working on new stuff again now.

Imperial Gendarmes

French "Archers" or Lighter Gendarmes

"Light" Cavalry c.1500

Perry Miniatures Stradiots

The Assault Group and Venexia Stradiots


Venetian Crossbowmen

Cardinal and Priests



  1. You have done a great job on all these figures Oli, I love the Gendarmes, great use of the different manufacturers figures!

  2. One of the most impressively sized collections of Gendarmes I've ever seen. These must look killer on a wargaming table!

  3. Stunning Gendarmes! One can never get enough of them.

  4. Amazing paint work, love the Stradiots and the cardianal and prists especially...

  5. Lovely collection - most impressive and well worht the re-basing work.

  6. Beautiful troops! Five months is an enormous investment in the pain of re-basing, but it looks like it was worth it!

  7. Looking good, Bet your glad that the re-basing is over./ Haven't seen your Venetian crossbow before, like the use of the GW figs. Nice.

  8. Very impressive collection of Gendarmes! The rest looks great too, of course.