Tuesday 14 July 2015


There aren't really enough Landsknechts in this block to constitute a real Fähnlein, certainly not a full strength one, but I could not resist posting up some photos of the massed Landsknechts now they have been rebased. The previous giant block, http://camisado1500s.blogspot.co.uk/2011/07/forest-of-pikes.html, was 256 figures. The new block totals a terrifying 292 figures (terrifying when I think how long each figure took me to paint, I could probably have done a PhD in the time it took to paint this lot!). Despite there being more figures I think it takes up less space than the other block as they are based much closer together now. There are 14 ranks of 21 figures each, 49 bases of 6 figures per base. A couple of the command bases have 5 instead of 6 figures so there are 292 miniatures in total.
Lest the Landsknechts take all the glory I also had a chance to form up my Reisläufer block for the first time since I have rebased them. It's 118 figures in all, 10 ranks of 12, but again the command bases only have 5 figures. Although the Artizan Reisläufer figures have simply been painted up, the Old Glory and Foundry figures have had a lot of conversions done to really give this block a different feel from their professional competitors the Landsknechts.
If the Landsknecht block will get any larger remains to be seen. I suppose it depends if anyone makes any more 28mm Landsknechts and I am still hoping that one day a manufacturer will make some suitable for around 1495-1505 that will fit well with my really early Italian Wars stuff. You can never have enough of these colourful chaps in a 16th century army!

The front of the Landsknecht Pike Block

Arquebusiers skirmish in front of the pike

Skirmish screen of Landskencht arquebusiers

The pike block from the side

Landsknecht Pike

The back of the block

From above


Swiss pikemen

Swiss pike block