Wednesday 1 November 2023

German Peasants, 1524-1525

Today we return to my current project, building a peasant band for the German Peasant's War of 1524-1525. The first unit completed consisted of 71 figures in attacking poses,, and this unit is made up of 70 figures, all standing. Over half the unit is made up of Steel Fist miniatures, they make up 43 of the 70 figures. The rest of the unit comprises of 13 miniatures from Artizan Designs, 8 from Wargames Foundry and 6 old Grenadier miniatures. The weapons they carry have come from lots of different manufacturers and many of the figures have had conversions such as head swaps.

As with the previous unit I am keen to be able to use these miniatures in as many different games as possible and as such have based half of the miniatures so that they can be used as a slightly better armed militia force. These figures have some armour and carry a wide variety of polearms such as halberds, glaives, spears  and bills. They are shown in one of the images below marching under a French banner. The other half of the unit carry more improvised weapons such as rakes, flails, forks and axes and are again shown in an image below.

The Steel Fist figures were a joy to paint and convert. They capture the feel of the woodcuts depicting the German Peasant's War really well. Whilst painting them I noticed that one miniatures is wearing a helmet that is very similar to my re-enacting one as well as a pair of late medieval three fingered gloves, which I also have a pair of. In the final photo below you can see my impression of the figure. I am not sure I look prepared to march under the "Bundschuh", I will leave that to the miniatures!

28mm Peasants for the German Peasant's War of 1524-1525.

A view of the peasants from behind.

28mm 16th century German Peasants.

The better armed and armoured half of this unit can be used a militia troops. Here they are shown as a French militia.

The other half of the unit are more "agricultural" with less armour and more improvised weaponry.

Some of my re-enactment kit is similar to that worn by one of the Steel Fist miniatures!



  1. Wow - those really are fantastically painted figures Oli - you are a talented man indeed!

    1. Cheers rross, I really enjoyed painting up this unit.

  2. Beautiful figures, clever recruiting and planning. Definitely colorful and interesting.

    1. Thank you pancerni - hopefully I will get them on the table for a game soon.