Sunday 22 September 2013


 Following on from my last post of Western Stradiots here are the Perry figures in the more traditional Balkan style. These are great figures, apologies for the photos, they seem a bit dark and blurry! I enjoyed painting these, apart from the shields, still a pet hate of mine. When I did my first post of Stradiots a gentleman commented that the family name has its own coat of arms and posted a link to this, . Regardless of whether it was used as a Stradiot coat of arms in the early 1500s I thought it would be nice to recreate this on one of the shields and tried to paint it about 6 times but the results were consistently awful so it didn't make it to the commanders shield in the end.

I have also posted a few shots of all the Stradiots I have now completed, 34 figures in total. They are a combination of Perry, Assault Group and Venexia figures. They mix pretty well together although as the Western Stradiots are on the Plastic Perry horses they do tend to be a bit larger than the other figures. Out of the 3 groups I have now painted I think these are my favourite figures and most accurately represent the characters shown in contemporary illustrations, a few examples of which were on my first post: .

Perry Stradiots

Venetian Stradiots




  1. Blimey! That's quite a few Stradiots then!

    Nice touch to add the chaps coat of arms to the model- I think the very same gentleman may have contacted me too.

    Great stuff as usual!