Monday 2 May 2011

The descent into Italy

Landsknecht Artillery in an outwork

Landsknecht Commanders

Spanish Infantry

Light Artillery

Spanish Infantry

Spanish Infantry

Imperial Gendarmes

Imperial Gendarmes

Imperial Landsknechts


Imperial Gun Battery defends town walls

Landsknecht Shot

Landsknechts in French Service (before Bourbons defection to Charles V)

French Crossbowmen

French Host

French Gendarmes

French Landskenchts

French Infantry

Landsknechts in French Service

French Gendarmes

Landsknecht Artillery Officer

Landsknechts defending a breach

Landsknecht Reinforcements

Landsknecht Battery with Pikemen in support

Gun emplacement

Gun emplacement defending the medieval town walls

Reinforcements rushing through the fortifications
The imperial host

Spanish infantry outside the town walls
This is a blog to showcase my 25-28mm Italian wars collection. I started it a couple of years ago when The Assault Group released their Italian Wars range with Spanish for the early part of the Sixteenth Century. So far I have collected a force from various manufacturers. I will try and update the blog with photos as I progress but to start with is the first lot of photos I took when I had built up a sizeable collection.

My main aim is collecting and researching the armies, I love as much variety as possible in the armies so like to use as many manufacturers as possible to show the colourful variety of the period.


  1. excellent,

    I am finding it difficult not to start my Italian Wars stuff at the moment, your Blog has encourage me to get some stuff out and start painting!

    who makes the castle?


  2. Cheers Matt

    The castle is a mix of a couple of the old Mighty Fortresses by Games Workshop, that I bought off Ebay, a few pieces from the Battlements Range, a Keep by Hudson and Allen and a few other hand made pieces from Ebay. I painted them all in the same stone colour to make it look more like one building. At some point I intend to do a post of the castle in detail and the different set ups that it can make.

    Good luck with your Italian wars stuff, its a great period with lots of new miniatures coming out for it in 28mm at the moment as well as some classic old ranges that still look great.

  3. Oli,

    Going through your archive some really great stuff here.
    You must be really pleaseD

    Best wishes