Saturday 7 May 2011

The Host Arrayed

The below pictures were taken at Christmas at the end of last year when I got a chance to assemble the collection so far. I did a couple of different set ups, one with the army as French and the other as Imperialist. Its just a matter of changing the standard bearers and a few of the troop types, thats what I love about this era, most of the troops were not uniformed and fought for the various different sides.

It was also a chance for me to add my Eureka Gendarmes to the collection and I was really please with how they truned out and fitted in with the Foundry ones I already had.

I wasn't too happy with the light, the photos seemed to come out very dark. Its something I wil try and sort out.

Imperialist Gendarmes

Imperial Gendarmes

Landsknecht Artillery
 Below are some TAG figures being used as Italian Arquebusiers, the site I took the flag designs from described the long flag on the left as Genoese in French Service and the one on the right as troops from Northern Italy; Lombardy or Piedmonte.

Italians in French Service

Italians in French Service with French Infantry behind

Landsknechts in French Service

Genoese Arquebusiers

Landsknecht Arquebusiers

Genoese Arquebusiers
Below is a picture of the French host arrayed. I took the French Infantry flag designs from George Gushes notes They were all pretty simple to hand paint so I did quite a few of the variations described. Flags are still a bit of a weakness of mine and I am slowly attempting to get better at them. For command of the French force I have painted the standard of Jacques de la Palice, a veteran of the Italian wars killed at Pavia, although he never seems to have achieved anything particularly notable as a commander,

French Host

Imperial Host

Spanish Rodeleros

Imperialist Landsknechts

Sicilian Arquebusiers

Imperial Host
Below is a picture of the Imperial Host arrayed. The Italian Villa is from Hovels Spanish Napoleonic range, as is the church. The corn fields are from this site .

Imperial Host

Spanish Wives

Spanish skirmishing in the corn fields

French Infantry
The final pic is a selection of the artillery I have amassed whilst I have been collecting and  painting Late Medieval/ Early Renaissance figures. The guns are from all sorts of manufacturers, Redoubt Enterprises, Foundry, Old Glory, Games Workshop, Dixon and Grenadier. I don't have enough crews for them all at the moment, although to be honest I think you would only need this many in a siege.

The Guns


  1. Your collection is just wow! I love them, Oliver. The colour are so bright and vivid, the miniatures are wonderfuly painted and your army is soo big.


    P.S.: I can see some hackbut, too! :)

  2. Wonderful collection!!!

    Really impressive and inspiring. You now have a new watcher!


  3. Thanks for the kind comments guys.

    Stephan you are indeed correct the hackbuts are supporting their comrades in some of the pics. I have some other shots of the Looter and the Hackbuts that I will upload at some point.