Wednesday 11 May 2011

The Spanish Kingdoms

A large proportion of my Imperial Army is composed of Spanish troops. These were some of the first I painted when I started this army. It was the release of The Assault Groups Spanish range that made me finally decide to start collecting this period. I like the fact that most of the figures are for the very early 16th century as it helps show the transition from medieval and means a few medieval figures don't look out of place.

Although these figures are part of a larger army the forces can easily stand alone as an early 16th Century Spanish force, perhaps El Gran Capitan himself would be able to lead them, although I have never seen his coat of arms anywhere so can't paint up a banner to represent Gonsalvo at the moment!

I moved my table around for these photos to get some better light and I think it worked. I think previously stuff was looking a bit too dark.

Early 16th Century Spanish

Early 16th Century Spanish

Spanish Light Artillery

Veterans defending the Castile and Leon banner

Spanish Lancers

Pike supported by Rodeleros
Below are some Spanish Cavalry, to represent them as lighter cavalry than the French, Burgundians and Germans I have used Gendarmes on unbarded horses supported by the Eureka Miniatures Mounted Archers (basically lighter armed Gendarmes). I think the figures fit well together and like the fact Eureka did some of the horsemen in more dated sallets.
Spanish Gendarmes and Support

Spanish Crossbows and Arquebusiers

Light Artillery

Spanish Horse

Spanish Command

With different lighting

The pike block

Spanish light artillery

Spanish light artillery

One of the Light Cavalry Commanders

Spanish Horse

The picture below is of one of the figures from The Assualt Groups Italian command groups. At the moment the Italians are pitching in with the Spanish (who also double as French Infantry with a simple flag change). Hopefully Eureka will produce some Italians and I can add a whole contingent. I also need to work on some more Italian banners for the Colonna and maybe some of the other smaller states.

Italian Commander

Pike Block

The final couple of pictures have a North African theme. An often forgotten conflict is the Spanish attacks on the North African coast (and the raids of Corsairs on Spanish and Italian Coasts). I collected a few Redoubt and Old Glory Corsair figures and converted some Moors into more corsairs but to honest I am not sure how accurate they really are. I may post some more detailed pictures of them at a later date.

Spanish assault a North African Settlement

Spanish Assault a North African Settlement


  1. Your Spanish collection is historically accurate, full of outstanding details.

    Really impressive and inspiring. Congratulations!

  2. Oli, that's a mighty fine looking army you have there!!!! It's a fantastic period, what rules do you use? for my armies I use Age of Discovery, unfortunatly not for some time though!!

  3. Thanks Ray, I would like to have a few WAB games with them but I also like the type of rule sets where you don't remove casualties until the whole unit is destroyed and use markers to show the unit is in trouble or has taken casualties.

    I very rarely get a chance for any games as I am more into the collecting and painting aspect. I often think about scenarios and even collect scenery for them but then never get round to the game!

  4. oli,

    I think I will be spending a lot of time visting here great inspiration!!