Sunday 15 May 2011

Hapsburg vs Valois

I wanted to see what opposing forces I could represent with my collection so far so I took a load of photos of the armies set up as Hapsburg Imperialists versus the Valois French. Although already a substantial collection I still feel I need a huge block of Swiss (I think I will use the new Artizan figures for this), Gascon Crossbowmen, more Italians, Stradiots, Jinetes and mounted crossbowmen. Thats the beauty of this project though, there is always more to come to satisfy the megalomaniac in me!

In terms of rules I have based the army for Warhammer Ancient Battles but to be honest I get very little time for games and am much keener on collecting and painting the figures. Thats most of the enjoyment for me. I also love making the collection look as varied as possible to represent the flamboyance and rag tag aspect of these forces.

Hapsburgs, left, Valois French, right

A shot from the other side of the table, with French on the left and Imperialists on the right

Below is a little scene of some looters, most of the figures are Artizan apart from the guy with a pig who is from Pro Gloria miniatures, . Its a great figure.


Burgundian Gendarmes and Support

Imperial Gendarmes
 I was really pleased with this photo below of the Imperialist cavalry. On the left are Gendarmes from Charles Vs Burgundian inheritance with their supporting Light Cavalry, whilst on the right are Gendarmes from the Holy Roman Empire.
Imperialist Gendarmes

An Imperial Commander

Gendarmes and support from the back

The Lighter Cavalry

Imperial Command

Imperialist Gendarmes

Genoese Arquebusiers in French Service

Spanish Arquebusiers

Genoese Arquebusiers in French Service

Spanish Guns

Below are a couple of shots of the Hackbut from Pro Gloria Miniatures. I wish more of this type of thing was produced by manufacturers as I think these lighter guns would have been very common, especially in the siege warfare and fortified camps that were so common in this period. I have also attached a contemporary illustration of one to show how spot on this is.

Light Gun

Landsknecht Light Guns
Contemporary Illustration of the Light Gun

Landskecht Arquebusiers

French Gendarmes

Landsknechts in French Service

Spanish Infantry

Spanish Cavalry

Italian Crossbowmen in French Service (they are actually TAG spanish miniatures)

Hapsburg Landsknechts (sorry about the trainers in the background!)

Landsknecht Arquebusier

French Guns

French Guns

French Gendarmes

Landsknecht Arquebusiers

Spanish Infantry

The pike block advances!

Landsknecht Arquebusiers

Spanish Guns, Light and Heavy

Imperial Landsknechts

French Guns and Gendarmes

Imperial Commanders


  1. Once again, such a lovely collection! Those massed pikeblocks look so amazing - very cool. And I am sure, we will have quite a lot more of the hackbut crews to follow :)

  2. Oli, your collection is simply marvelous...

    Delightful pics! Cheers!

  3. Great collection.
    Best wishes