Saturday 15 October 2011


To match my Landsknechts I have started my block of Reisläufer. The figures are by Artizan. At the moment they only represent Uri but I intend to build on the block either as more figures become available or I may convert a few figures to add. I think I would date most of my collection to about 1510 - 1530 although some of my Italians and Spanish could be used for earlier. At this date the Reisläufer would look very similar to Landsknechts.
Despite this I still wanted to make them look distinctive from my Landsknechts. These two types of mercenary were bitterly opposed to each other, and although the differences in appearance may at times have been subtle they were recognisable at the time. The differences I have gone for from Landsknechts are no Katzbaglers, less colour combinations, not quite as flamboyant colours, the use of white crosses on some of the figures, the wearing of turbans and all of the hat feathers are white. I am pleased with the way they turned out and still have the front rank of the pikes and the arquebusiers to add.

Drummer and Standard in Uri Cantonal Colours
To further differentiate from the Landsknechts I have painted the drummer and standard bearer (I think my favourite figure of the lot) in the Uri Cantonal Colours. I recall reading that although most of the troops dressed as they pleased, the troops in these positions did sometimes wear the colours of the Canton.


Uri Reisläufer


Saturday 1 October 2011

Northern Fortress

Northern European Fortress
Following my last post showing the Italian style fortifications here is a selection of photos of my pieces more suitable for the conflicts in Northern Europe or perhaps in the East to defend against Ottoman incursions. I was really inspired by illustrations in Maximillians Der Weiß Kunig, showing siege after siege. Although many of the prints depict events at the end of the 15th century they are shown in contemporary style, early 16th century:

In a similar way to the Italian style stuff the fortress is made up of pieces from various places. Much of it is Games Workshops old Mighty Fortress. Some pieces are from the Battlements range. The Keep is by Hudson and Allen. The walls and towers with hoardings were bought off ebay as were the buildings inside.

Gun towers guard the gate

Gun towers guard the gate

Heavily defended gate

Horsemen enter the gate

The gates in this set up are protected by early gun towers, these are from the Battlements medieval range. I think they look pretty formidable.

Muster in the courtyard

The Keep

The Keep and courtyard

The Keep is by Hudson and Allen, it looks great although I think if it was the oldest part of the fortress it should actually be square rather than round!

Tower with hoarding
Tower with hoarding

These towers were from ebay, the wooden bits were already painted so I only had to paint the stone to match my other stuff. These really remind me of the depictions in the above prints.


Hoarding from above

The hoardings were from the same place. Outdated by the 16th century but there were few fortresses that were fully updated to keep pace with changes in fortification.

Troops pass the Sally port as they enter

Sally Port
 This piece was again from the same ebay seller. I use it as a fortified sally port but to be honest it could simply be a building within the courtyard.

Landsknechts in the courtyard

Landsknechts in the courtyard

Finally I couldn't resist a few shots of the Landsknechts in the courtyard. Sadly I am pretty hopeless at building scenery. I bought the timber framed houses off ebay years ago. They were a bargain, from what I remember they were only about £5 each, ready painted and based.