Saturday 15 February 2014

Another Ox-drawn Wagon

So here is another Perry Miniatures Wagon, this time an empty one. I have some bits and pieces by Front Rank that I may put in it but, like the carts I posted a week or so ago, it's staying empty for now. Again I have used a chain to join the front yoke to the wagon and I am pleased with the result. I think that's enough carts and wagons for now. When I get a chance I will get some pictures of the entire baggage train. Two Ox-drawn wagons, one four horse wagon and four one horse carts should make a hell of a train, especially with the addition of the TAG and Pro Gloria civilians I have painted up.

Perry Miniatures Ox-drawn Wagon

Ox-drawn Wagon

Tuesday 4 February 2014

Two Carts

The baggage train keeps growing with two more of the excellent Perry Miniatures carts completed, one with wicker sides and the other a simple wooden framed cart. I have some bits and pieces that I may put inside them but for now I will not glue anything in and leave them empty. The only change made to these miniatures was a head swap for one of the drivers. The hat he was wearing was a little too medieval so I gave him a Tudor style cap.
I am nearly finished with all these carts and wagons but I liked the Ox-drawn Wagon so much that I am currently painting up an empty one.

Perry Miniatures one horse carts