Sunday 22 February 2015

Spanish Infantry

Next up in my rebasing project come the Spanish Infantry. I painted most of these before I started this blog, although some figures were added to the collection later. They are mainly a mix of Wargames Foundry Conquistadors and The Assault Groups Neopolitan Spanish and Conquistadors. The pike are based six to a 45mm by 45mm base while the shot and sword and buckler armed Rodeleros are four to the same sized bases. A lot of The Assault Group figures are based on the image shown below illustrating the Conquest of Oran by Cardinal Franciso Jimenez de Cisneros in 1509. There are a few TAG Spanish miniatures that are near exact copies of some soldiers illustrated here. It seems these figures are for around 1495-1520 but I would be happy to use them up to around 1530. If the flags are changed and the Rodeleros are removed they can also work as French or Italian infantry so this is a versatile set.

Conquest of Oran 1509, Juan de Borgona c.1514

Spanish Arquebusiers with Rodeleros behind

Spanish Pike

Spanish Arquebusiers and Rodeleros

Spanish Infantry formation

Completing the Spanish Infantry means I have rebased everything I currently have out of storage. I have taken a brief (and needed!) break from rebasing and painted a few more Landsknechts in preparation for when I turn my attentions to rebasing the hordes I have already painted. Firstly there are a few Captains and Dopplesoldners I had not got round to painting but I'm keen to fit in amongst my other Landsknechts. Secondly I painted another set of Foundry Landsknechts marching in their Waffenrocks. They are beautiful figures and a real joy to paint. The addition of these will mean I have 8 bases of Landsknecht pike marching with their pikes and halberds over their shoulders.

Doppelsöldners and Captain

Old Glory Landsknecht Captains

Wargames Foundry marching Landsknechts