Saturday 1 December 2012

Cardinal Matthäus Schiner

Cardinal Matthäus Schiner
At the moment I am working on a few bits and pieces while I am waiting for a new batch of figures. I have just painted up the Perry Miniatures Cardinal set. As I had the Freezywater Flag for the Bishopric of Sion I thought I would put the two together to show the particularly bellicose churchman who incited the Swiss into attacking the French at Marignano in 1515; His name seems to be spelt differently in places so I have gone with the wikipedia spelling, I remember reading it as Mathias Schiner. These figures could be used for all sorts of early 16th century scenarios, when the Papacy was directly involved in the Italian Wars.

For the Reisläufer Standard bearer I have taken the head off an old Foundry Landsknecht and replaced it with one of the Perry Swiss heads. I have added a beard with greenstuff to bring him more into the 1510s rather than the late 15th century. I have also replaced the Katzbalger with a plastic perry miniatures sword, again to make him more of a Reisläufer than a Landsknecht. I am really pleased with how this miniature turned out and may attempt more small conversions like this so I can add to the ranks of my Swiss Mercenaries.

The Cardinals flag is not that exciting so I have also taken a few shots of the standard bearer with some of Petes excellent cloth Swiss flags. I think these look much more the part than the Freezywater paper flag.

Cardinal Matthäus Schiner

Cardinal Matthäus Schiner on foot

Swiss standard bearer with the Confederations field sign

Swiss standard bearer with Schaffhausen Banner