Saturday 18 April 2015

Italian War 1499 -1504 Spanish and French Armies

Over the Easter break I had time to take some photos of the first half of my collection that I have rebased set up on my battlefield. These are the figures that I feel are really more suitable for the very early conflicts of the Italian Wars, the initial French invasion of 1494 and then the campaigns fought over Naples by Spain and France in the first years of the 16th century. I really love this era as not only does it have some fascinating characters like Cesare Borgia and Gonzalo de Cordoba taking the field but I like the transitional look of the armies. The iconic slashed and puffed Landsknecht look had not quite arrived but you can see the fashions moving towards it.
The first set of photos depicts a Spanish force, under the command of Pedro Navarro (if you can spot his heraldic flag among the pikes). It's a mix of Spanish Infantry, Jinetes and Men At Arms and Italian infantry, Condottieri, mounted Crossbowmen and Arquebusiers. If you have followed this blog I am sure you will know I like doing these big set ups. I was keen to see how the new bases would improve the overall look and am really pleased with the result. Everything is also much easier to move around and pack up now as well.

Spanish Army of the Second Italian War

Spanish guns with the Infantry behind

Italian Colonna Infantry in Spanish service

Italian Condotierri and mounted Arquebusiers

The Spanish Army

Artillery on a hill above the Italian Infantry

The Baggage train in the Villa behind the Spanish position

The second set of photos is of the figures depicting a French army for the Second Italian War. There are French Infantry and a few early Gendarmes, Swiss Pike, Stradiots and Italian Infantry and Condottieri. You may notice the Italians are carrying the red Fleur de Lys of Florence. Florence had allied with Louis XII of France as the French needed to cross Florentine territory to reach Naples by land and Florence wanted French help in its war with Pisa so for at least some of this period they were allied. With regards to the Swiss I doubt whether the Cantonal Flags the figures have would have been carried if they were in mercenary Service with the French but their banners certainly help to identify them as these elite troops.

French Army for the Second Italian War 1499-1504

French Infantry alongside the Swiss Mercenaries

French Crossbowmen in front of the French and Swiss Pike

Italian Arquebusiers skirmish in front of the French and Swiss infantry

French Infantry

Italian Florentine Allies in French Service

The French Army

I could not resist adding a photo of inside the walled town, with the French baggage train moving through it. I think this style of architecture really helps to set the scene and provides a great backdrop for the armies.
The final photo is of the Italian Archers that I have rebased. I was unsure whether to base them in closer order with 4 figures to a 45mm by 45mm base or in Skirmish order with 4 figures on a 45mm by 90mm base. In the end I opted for Skirmish order but with 5 figures to some of the bases rather than 4 and I am pleased with the result. They are great figures, mostly by The Assault Group but with some Perry Miniatures also mixed in.

Italian Walled Town

Italian Archers