Monday 5 September 2016

Landsknechts and Gendarmes, Blog Post Number 100

So this is my 100th blog post. Unbelievable though it may seem I have managed to find one hundred different, well slightly different, things to ramble on about in relation to collecting miniatures for the 16th century. It's actually my 101st post as I did write one supporting the Pro Gloria Plastic Landsknechts Kickstarter which never happened in the end so it was deleted. I'm not sure if that project will ever see the light of day, or if the figures were entirely accurate either to be honest, but they would have been brilliant for conversions at the very least.

I have really enjoyed writing the blog so far, and have found it's really focused my efforts to a greater extent than if I was just painting and not posting up pictures of stuff I was working on. For example the rebasing may never have happened had I not had a blog. That's an undertaking I am still scarred by! Please let me know in the comments if there have been any particular projects or posts that you have enjoyed, or disliked for that matter. The great thing about blogs is the way everyone can share ideas and inspiration, perfect for a hobby like miniature painting.

Despite 100 updates so far, there are still at least another 100 projects in the pipeline! I am currently working on some English Billmen for my early 16th century Tudors. Petes awesome 1513 English flags were what finally forced my hand to have a go at this army: The Billmen may not be up to the incredible standard of Stuarts 1513 English and French figures,, but I am quite pleased with the 6 I have completed so far. The archers will be more tricky I feel. Also In the pipeline I have the fantastic dismounted 16th Century Knights by Oliver at Steelfist Miniatures to tackle at some point. Ideally I would like some kind of command or unit base for each figure, which means other figures to accompany each knight will be needed. I am also keenly watching his current Kickstarter, the mounted Gendarmes,, and will be working on some of them if it funds.

Then there are the early Landsknechts that The Assault Group have had in the pipeline for a while now, Of course a large block of these will be required to add to my early Italian Wars Spanish army. Some "Northern Staves" or "Border Horse" for the early Tudors will be necessary. Some more artillery would be nice as well as some casualty bases, for some reason I have been putting off casualty bases for years despite having figures for them. Who knows, one day I may even have a wargame with some of these figures and do a post on that!

To mark my 100th (or 101st) blog post I thought I would show some pictures of what I feel is the classic wargamers Italian Wars Army, lots of Landsknechts and lots of Gendarmes. The pictures below are of an army intended to represent that of Maximilian I, for the 1510s, although to be honest they would also be fine for the start of Charles Vs reign as Holy Roman Emperor. If you have read this blog for a while you will know I love to set the various units out together to really try and give a feel for a certain army and era. Landsknechts and Gendarmes always seem to get more attention than any other infantry or cavalry in a lot of the contemporary images so maybe it's no wonder miniature manufacturers have focused more on them in the past. Once lots of banners bearing Habsburg Saltires and Imperial Eagles have been added to the figures the army really does start to look like those seen in many of the woodcuts from the early 16th century and I guess for me that's what it's all about.

The Imperial Army of the Holy Roman Emperor Elect, Maximilian I

Lots of Landsknechts and Gendarmes

Imperial Light Cavalry behind the artillery

Fuggers Landsknechts follow up behind the skirmishing Arquebusiers

The army in front of the town gates

Marching Landsknechts follow up behind the mounted crossbowmen

An Imperial Commander

The mounted Crossbowmen

Standing Landsknechts

And lastly a view inside the town


  1. Masterful work and congratulations on hitting 100 postings!
    Having to choose a favorite post is akin to picking your favorite grandchild. I love them all and look forward to each new entry from you. You have provided great inspiration for my own fledging Great Italian Wars project. I return to your past postings on a regular rotation. Fabulous resource as I learn more about this fascinating period.

    Keep up the inspiring works!

  2. Awesome work- keep it up. It's one of my main inspirations for my own 16th Century collection ( which has only really just started). Love the pics and the paintwork.

  3. Congrats on your 100th! I love your brush work miniatures along with your historical foot notes.... very inspirational! Great photos too!


  4. Impressive and splendid pictures...and congrats!

  5. A well deserved milestone - the collection looks very impressive sight. Always great to read your blog and looking forward to the Tudor venture!

  6. Excellent stuff Oli, your collection is looking great after only 100 posts. Looking forward to the next 100 (at least).

  7. Fantastic post a classic Italian wars army post, I am also at a loss to pick a particular post but what I feel you do very well is applying your research and sharing it with us, giving us more than merely eye candy ( Not that we don't appreciate it too! ) So congratulations and here's to 100 more.
    Best Iain

  8. Superb array of Renaissance colour, the Pike formations are particularly impressive and menacing!

  9. Congratulations on 100 posts and a lot of top quality production during that time, as evidenced by the magnificent display you've put on here. Time to get a game in, though!

  10. Congratulations on reaching your century and I, too, look forward to the next hundred posts.

    Yours was one of the first blogs I found when I re-started my 15mm 16th C French army and I have been following it ever since for ideas and inspiration.

  11. A spectacular celebration of your 100th post. Your work always inspires and I look forward to seeing what you do with Oliver's dismounted (and hopefully mounted) knights.

  12. Great collection Oli always enjoy visiting here.

  13. Herzlichen Glückwunsch and congratulations to the 100th! Always a pleasure to read your posts and if I must I would choose the Maximillian Horse Crossbow men. Looking forward to the next 100!