Saturday 3 December 2011

Point d'argent, point de Suisse


"No money, no Swiss", regardless of whether this was a phrase in the 16th Century, I have now completed my Artizan Reisläufer. Since my first post I have added the shot, the front rank of pikes and a couple more command figures. The 2 extra command I added are old GW figures. The first is specific for the Swiss. They are noted as still using horns at the battle of Marignano in 1515 so I was keen to add a horn blower and I think this old empire figure fits the bill perfectly for the 1510s. He is also in Uri Cantonal colours but with a red coat over them. Ok so maybe the horn is a bit fantastical and the hammer is over the top but he fits perfectly with the Artizan figures. The second one is the Marksmen of Mirigliano Drummer from the old Dogs of War range. He is pretty generic so could be used for Italians or Spanish.

Swiss Hornblower

Swiss Drummer and Officer 'Iron Biter'
I was looking through the Osprey 'Landsknecht Soldier' book while working on these and I noticed one of the Artizan command has been taken from a contemporary picture in the book of the 'Iron Biter'. Here is the original picture, he is not exactly the same but I think the tied on hat is taken straight from the illustration. I really like it when you can trace where the sculptors have got the inspiration for the figure from. I think the Standard Bearer in the group is also taken from a stained glass window of the 16th Century as well although I am not entirely sure.

The Iron Biter

The Iron Biter
I think I will do some more standards for them and when I get the chance will mix them in with my Landsknechts to see if they still keep a Swiss feel to them. I am hoping Artizan or TAG do some more Reisläufer figures. I need more to face all the Landsknechts I have painted! I may use the foundry swiss heads to do a few conversions with Landskenchts but for now this is the Swiss contingent.

Reisläufer Front Ranks

Swiss Pike

Swiss Pike

Reisläufer Pike and Shot


  1. Fantastic looking pike block and the character figures look equally impressive.


  2. Great looking unit - like your painting style.

  3. Great post, like the use of the Citadel miniatures interspersed with the Artizan, good looking unit all told.

  4. OOH!! I like that lot...lovely !!

  5. Really like the mix of figures this period really lends itself to it.
    Great work again!!