Monday 22 October 2012

Papal Infantry

Italian Infantry
 In my last post I mentioned that I wanted to mix in the Perry Miniatures Italians with the Assault Group figures that I had already painted up. So here they are arrayed under the Papal banners of Julius II. There are also a few of my converted plastic Perry figures in there. Julius II,,  is remembered as one of the most war like Popes, he personally commanded the Papal troops at the siege of Mirandola in 1510! It is only appropriate then that these figures are shown under his standards. Four of the banners are from Petes excellent flags, and the other is a Freezywater flag, the one that just shows the della Rovere arms and not the papal tiara and keys.
I am really happy with how the two different manufacturers mix in together and they look great for the Italian Infantry of 1490 to 1510. My only regret is that I didn't paint more striped hose on the TAG figures. TAG have some more Italians in the pipeline and I am sure these will be added to the collection at some point.

I have a load of older miniatures  I need to start selling on ebay and will use this blog to advertise these when I list them. I will probably delete the posts for the sales once they are over as I want the blog to remain on topic. Does anyone know if it is ok to link your blog from ebay so you can show more photos of the figures when you put up a listing?

Infantry of Julius II

Italian Arquebusiers

Italian crossbowmen

Banner of the della Rovere family along with Papal flags showing the della Rovere arms

Papal Crossbowmen

Italian Scrapoli

Arquebusiers under della Rovere banner

Papal Infantry

Papal Infantry


  1. Great collection there!
    I have linked my blog off eBay without any problems
    Cheers Steve

  2. Fab stuff!

    Those Perry Late Med. miniatures do fit in rather well.

    I'm having a similar problem but the other way around with the latest TAG stuff and my Fornovo project.


    1. Cheers Guys

      I think the TAG Italians are fine for Fornovo. To me they look most suitable for 1490 to around 1510 so would be perfect for your project

  3. You should have no problem with linking your blog on ebay for pictures.