Saturday 29 June 2013

The Reisläufer front rank

Reisläufer attacking

To conclude my Swiss mercenaries I have finished my attacking front ranks with their pikes levelled. The figures are from the old Foundry range designed by the Perry Twins. I showed the conversions in an earlier post. I really enjoyed working on these figures, they are great to paint, and I think they do have a more Reisläufer "feel" to them than the Landsknechts. At some point I am tempted to have a go at turning more of these old Foundry figures into Swiss. All the swords have been changed so there is not one Katzbalger amongst them! If they really had such an antipathy to using this weapon so characteristic of their rivals is hard to tell but I like to think it further differentiates them.
Below are some pictures of just the front ranks, I painted 6 bases of 4 figures each in total. These are followed by some pictures of them with my Old Glory Reisläufer. Although I think the Old Glory figures are more suitable from around 1494-1509 while these Foundry ones would be better for 1510 to the 1520s I think they go well together and certainly look the part.

Swiss Pikemen front rank

Swiss Pikemen attacking

Swiss Pike with Schweizerdolch

 Reisläufer attacking

Swiss Pike attacking

The last few pictures are to show a good trick that I can use the figures for. By using them as the front rank of these Pro Gloria Landsknechts and changing the banners the Landsknechts are carrying they become a convincing Reisläufer block that could be used into the 1520s. Obviously if you look closely at the block there are lots of Landsknecht features but I think by having the ostrich plumed, turbaned front ranks and cantonal banners it helps to set them apart.
When I get the chance I will set up a block combining the Artizan, Foundry and Old Glory Reisläufer, it should be around 120 figures, to see how they all work together. After painting the Pro Gloria figures and then these Swiss, over 100 pikemen in total, I am working on some cavalry at the moment, its a welcome change!

Swiss with Pro Gloria Landsknechts behind

Swiss with Pro Gloria Landsknechts behind

Swiss attacking


  1. Great looking pikes, very impressive!

  2. Looking really impressive - worth doing the conversion work.
    Am still looking for the GW sprues with those luck so far.

  3. Seeing them point on, it's not hard to understand why a pike block could be so intimidating on the battlefield. Great figures, great pictures.

  4. While some dislike figures with leveled pikes due to wargames table issues, I think they look great, and are worth accommodating the minor nuisances associated with the pose. These pictures certainly back me up, I think! :-)