Sunday 15 December 2013

Pro Gloria Landsknecht Arquebusiers

Pro Gloria Landsknecht Arquebusiers

Anyone who follows this blog will know that it's never long before some more Landsknechts get painted! This little group are the new figures by Pro Gloria miniatures. These follow on from the pikemen they have already released: . Although I preferred the poses and sculpts of the Landsknecht Pike, these are great figures and are a pleasure to paint.
You may notice that none of the figures carry the characteristic "Katzbalger", the Landsknecht short sword. I like this as it means these figures could just as easily be Reisläufer Arquebusiers for the 1510s-1520s. I did think of adding some white crosses and Perry Miniatures plastic swords to make these guys specifically Reisläufer but I prefer the fact they could be either. I have painted all the feathers for those that have them white so if need be these guys can support either the Landsknechts or Swiss.
I look forward to seeing what Pro Gloria do next, I think the Gendarmes they have in the pipeline will be excellent.

Landsknecht Arquebusiers

Pro Gloria Landsknechts


  1. Great paintjob, wonderful details and colors!

  2. Very nicely painted, those pro Gloria are really good sculpts. I cannot wait to see the Gendarmes too.

  3. Very nice paintjob! Didnt know they had been released already. What about the quality of the sculpts, esp. the proportions? I heard that they had not been done by Master Hicks?

    1. They have the same torsos as the pikemen so they must in part have been done by the same sculptor? They are decent sculpts, I did prefer the pikemen. One thing I noticed is that the arquebuses they hold are very delicate.