Sunday 4 January 2015

WIP - Rebasing the Artillery

Over the festive season I have continued thinking about where to go with my collection next. Rebasing the entire lot seems a bit of a Herculean challenge, however I thought I would start by rebasing my guns as having all the crew separate was annoying me and the figures definitely lend themselves to little vignettes around each artillery piece. Simply basing the figures is probably a more accurate description than rebasing as the guns themselves never had bases, only the crewmen. The gun crews have all been removed from their bases and the flock has been painted over ready for them to be glued onto larger wooden bases. There are 2 groups, more generic artillerymen, a mix of Perry, The Assault Group and Foundry figures, and the Landsknechts, Foundry, Old Citadel and Old Glory figures. I am currently working on some more crewmen that I painted years ago and have stripped of paint, they were lucky to escape one of my many Ebay purges of the collection!
To accompany the miniatures on the bases I have repainted and newly painted lots of bits and pieces, shown in the first picture below. I really enjoyed this and think they will really help to add to the final look. The guns in the first picture will probably all go with the Landsknechts while the lighter guns in the last picture will go with the more soberly dressed crewmen, who could represent Spanish, Italians or French. There is a strong temptation when reevaluating the collection to start repainting loads of stuff, some of the Light Guns being a case in point, but I am trying to resist otherwise no progress will ever get made.
I will see how these turn out and then consider whether to do more of the old collection. Its made more complicated by the fact that I don't live in the same place that I keep the collection in, so it will require a lot of moving the figures back and forth if I do decide to do a mass rebase. I have some of my favourite sets with me though so may give them a go depending on how the guns look.
In terms of new stuff it's a bit of waiting game at the moment. I am looking forward to the Perrys light cavalry, 1450-1500, and also to the new Wars of Religion Range by Warlord Games: .
I painted up and sold an Elizabethan Collection on Ebay previously and think I will find it hard to resist the stuff Warlord have on the way. It will also mean that I can use a few of my TAG Tudors, many are too specifically for the 1540s, which is great. I am half way through the TAG mounted Arquebusiers at the moment. These later 16th century figures will all use the new bases.

Various gunners bits and pieces

Artillery Crew c.1500

Landsknecht Artillerymen

Guns c.1500

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  1. Lovely cannon and crew. These will look superb together with the accessories. Happy 2015!