Sunday 26 June 2011

Landsknecht Pike

After some very tedious cutting and painting of 60 wire pikes I have finally finished my Old Glory Landsknechts. They will add even more colour to my Artizan and Foundry Landsknechts. As I said in my previous post I think they capture the feel of these troops really well.

The picture below shows all the different headgear these figures have. I particularly the like the hat that seems to be made entirely of feathers (in the bottom right corner in the picture below). It reminds of me of some of the more over the top outfits I have seen in contemporary illustrations.


  1. Well done, that's gotta be the best looking Landsknecht unit I've ever seen!!!

  2. The Old Glory Landsknechts are some of their best figures. I have a lot of them in my own armies!