Saturday 11 June 2011

WIP - Mustering more Landsknechts

To bolster my Landsknecht ranks even further I am currently working on batch of 60 Old Glory Landsknecht Pike. I bought one pack of 30 armoured and one of 30 unarmoured pike. Though perhaps not the crispest castings I really like the figures. They really have that rakish appearance of Landsknechts in contemporary illustrations. I  like the fact that some of the armoured ones wear pauldrons and in some cases arm harness. They are all in a bewildering variety of head gear which will look great when added to the Artizan and Foundry Landsknechts I already have.

So far I have painted 36, with 24 left to do. I then have the unenviable task of cutting and painting 60 wire pikes!

When they are finished I will see how large a Landsknecht Pike block they can form with the figures I already have, at the moment I can manage a terrifying block of 196, 14 by 14. When these are added I think I should be able to get close to 16 by 16. Completely impractical for any game but it should make for some good photos! A pic of the 196 block is below

Landsknecht Pike Block of 196 Figures


  1. You have done an incredible work with these miniatures!

    Landsknechts are a very special unit... so fierce... so rough... so... colorful? Anyway, I really like them, and your 196 miniatures block is simply spectacular.

    About the wire pikes... ehm... good luck... yep, totally unenviable task (It's even more horrible if yous scale is 15mm, believe me)


  2. Thanks Gonzo

    I agree 15mm pikes must be a nightmare! With some figures I paint the pikes first and then glue them to the figures but I think with these Old Glory ones I will glue them first otherwise the paint will scratch off when I push the pikes through the hands. Problem is this is going to make it even harder and more boring to paint them.

    It will be worth it though as once they are done it will mean I can make a block of 256 of these hardened mercenaries.

  3. Nice work; I like the character of the OG Landsknechts as well; I glue the pikes in place before I prime the figures myself.