Tuesday 4 February 2014

Two Carts

The baggage train keeps growing with two more of the excellent Perry Miniatures carts completed, one with wicker sides and the other a simple wooden framed cart. I have some bits and pieces that I may put inside them but for now I will not glue anything in and leave them empty. The only change made to these miniatures was a head swap for one of the drivers. The hat he was wearing was a little too medieval so I gave him a Tudor style cap.
I am nearly finished with all these carts and wagons but I liked the Ox-drawn Wagon so much that I am currently painting up an empty one.

Perry Miniatures one horse carts


  1. The two carts turned out really nice, I read and heard a lot about Perry Miniatures I may get into buying some of their box sets during 2014...anyway..thanks sharing..love your painting work.. excellent!


  2. the carts look ghreat. What's up with the "horse of a different color" :-)
    Is that an undercoat for additional layers of paint to follow?

  3. Hmmm, blue horses, gotta quit buyin' beer in 64 oz bottles; next thing I'll see will be the pink elephants.

    Seriously, nice work on the carts, even if Peter does not recognize step one in painting a steel grey horse.

  4. Thanks Guys, one of the horse's does indeed look very blue in that light. Its actually dark grey! I think my photography has a lot of room for improvement.

    1. Actually, I think your photography is amazing; sometimes pictures definitely do shifty color hues, and grey horses do have a degree of blue coloration making up their coats.

  5. Nice work on those - useful models to have (must do mine)>

  6. These two carts are really nice, beautiful paintjob!

  7. Nice work and nice additions to your collection!