Saturday 15 February 2014

Another Ox-drawn Wagon

So here is another Perry Miniatures Wagon, this time an empty one. I have some bits and pieces by Front Rank that I may put in it but, like the carts I posted a week or so ago, it's staying empty for now. Again I have used a chain to join the front yoke to the wagon and I am pleased with the result. I think that's enough carts and wagons for now. When I get a chance I will get some pictures of the entire baggage train. Two Ox-drawn wagons, one four horse wagon and four one horse carts should make a hell of a train, especially with the addition of the TAG and Pro Gloria civilians I have painted up.

Perry Miniatures Ox-drawn Wagon

Ox-drawn Wagon


  1. Another great baggage wagon, the chain really adds to the look, a great idea and I really like the two colour oxen. I think once you have added baggage and civilians your baggage train is really going to look the part!

  2. Beautiful work, a great addition...

  3. Very will be an interesting photo of the entire train.