Thursday 1 October 2015

The French c.1512

I know I have done a few "full army" style posts recently where everything is set up, since the rebasing they are much easier to do! Over the summer I was keen to photograph the collection covering my whole 8' by 4' table. For these photos I decided to use the figures to depict a French Italian Wars Army, referring back to an earlier post from 2012, There have been some big changes since that post, notably the banners and bases.
The figures shown here are meant to depict a French force from roughly 1512, the Battle of Ravenna. The heraldic flags displayed are for Frenchmen who fought at Ravenna with lots of more generic French or Louis XII period flags also on show. The French employ Landsknechts as oppose to Reisläufer as well as Italian Cavalry and Infantry. The native French Infantry comprises Crossbowmen, Archers and Pike. I was worried the French Archers I completed a few months ago wouldn't fit in well but I really think they look the part in these photos. I will leave exactly who they are meant to represent for another discussion!
This was also a chance to add the Convent from Grand Manner to the Italian town pieces I have collected so far and some of the photos focus on the town. I think the Convent makes a great centrepiece for the town and fits in nicely with the other buildings. At some point in the future I would like to do a large scale siege set up but I think there are a few more bits and pieces I need before I try this.

French Gendarmes behind Light Cavalry

The French Cavalry

The French Cavalry

French Horse c.1512

The Banner of Gaston de Foix can be seen between two French Royal Standards

Landsknecht Skirmishers

Landsknechts in French service

French Heavy Guns

The French Artillery

Italian town with the French in front.

A view from above the town.

A view from above the tower.

Landsknecht reinforcements in the town

Inside the town.

The French Infantry

French Light Guns, Aventuriers and Archers

The infantry under Adrien de Brimeu (Humbercourt)

The French Infatry

The French Light Guns

The French Infantry c.1512

The French Aventuriers and Archers

French infantry in front of the town.


  1. Your collection is inspiring. Excellent work, and thanks for sharing this.

  2. Grand looking sight. Definite eye candy following your re-basing marathon. Definitely worth the effort.


  3. Truly magnificent, Oli! Thanks for sharing it with us!

  4. Very impressing. One question: where do the light cannons come from? Is it Foundry?

    1. Hi Jaeckel, the light cannons are from a variety of manufacturers. If you look at the fourth picture up from the bottom of the post, entitled "The French Light Guns", the closest gun to the camera is by TAG,

      The next gun is indeed Foundry, , the second gun down.

      The third is an Old Glory model, it's WRE-008 Light Horse Drawn Gun

      The fourth is an old Redoubt Enterprises peice, a great gun but I sold the crew on Ebay,

      Finally there is another Foundry gun, identical to the other foundry piece and then an Old Glory Organ Gun, WRE-007.

      The Crew are a mix of Foundry, Perry and TAG figures with a few head swaps and arm repositions. The extras, barrels, baskets, shot and so on are by TAG and Front Rank Miniatures.

      Quite a mixture, I hope this helps

    2. It helps indeed. Thanks for the tips

  5. Most impressive army and pictures...Truly fantastic!

  6. Tremendous display of Renaissance magnificence!

  7. Thanks for all the comments guys, it's always great to share the pictures with some fellow renaissance enthusiasts!

  8. Astounding Oli, there's a real attention to detail there which is evident in your inclusion of the French infantry, glad there's someone else out there having a go at representing something which has almost no visual resource ! Really impressive, an inspiration.

    All the best


  9. Wow! Wow! Wow!

    A really amazing sight to see the army arrayed like that.

    You must be proud! I would be!!


  10. Magnificent Army roll call! Inspiring!

  11. What a fantastic army, really great eclectic mix of figures, thanks for this

  12. Incredible photos. Love the guns.