Wednesday 1 February 2023

16th Century Sipahis

Today we return to the 16th century Ottoman army with another unit of Sipahis made with superb figures by the Assault Group. Of course there have been a few conversions. Some were originally carrying swords or pistols and these weapons have been removed and replaced with lances. The commander originally carried a mace which I have swapped for a Turkish style battle axe. A lot of the figures have also had composite bows and quivers from Essex Miniatures added to their equipment. The "Çiçak" style helmets that some of the figures wear, with the cheek and neck guards, make them suitable for the 16th century onwards. The pistols have been removed from all of them as these would place them more firmly in the second half of the 16th century and I wanted the flexibility of being able to use them for games set earlier.

The unit follows on from the Sipahis I have already painted up by Warfare Miniatures,, and Old Glory, I couldn't resist a few photos of them all as one large unit, so the last images show all 36 of them. I still have another 12 Assault Group figures to paint up and join them and the Warfare Miniatures Sipahis shooting their bows are also tempting me. As the Sipahis formed the bulk of Ottoman armies in this period my aim is to paint up a whole host of them.

Ottoman Sipahis, the figures are 28mm from The Assault Group.

A view of the figures from behind, some of the figures have had separate bows and quivers added.

28mm Ottoman Sipahis.

16th Century Ottomans, note the converted figure with the axe.

Ottoman Sipahis.

All of the Sipahis so far. The figures are a mix of The Assault Group, Old Glory and Warfare Miniatures.

Ottoman Sipahis in 28mm.

Ottoman Sipahis.

Ottomans from TAG, Old Glory and Warfare Miniatures.


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    1. Cheers Robbie - there is more Ottoman stuff on the way!

  2. Magnificent- and very formidable looking!

    1. Thank you John, I really like these TAG figures